W. Daniel Kissling

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I am an Associate Professor of Quantitative Biodiversity Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands. I am leading the Biogeography & Macroecology (BIOMAC) lab which is embedded in the Department Theoretical and Computational Ecology (TCE) of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED). I am also the scientific coordinator of the Virtual Laboratory & Innovation Center (LW-VLIC) of LifeWatch-ERIC, a European research infrastructure consortium with focus on biodiversity and ecosystem research. Additionally, I am the scientific coordinator, PI, or work package leader in a number of research projects, including NIEBA ARISE, EuropaBON, LidarAirCloud, and vulnerability of Arctic migratory birds (for more details see Research).

My main interest is in data-intensive biodiversity science, especially in the fields of (macro)ecology, ecoinformatics, biodiversity monitoring and global biodiversity change (past, present, and future). In my work, I mostly use and compile large ecological and environmental datasets together with ecoinformatic tools to understand, quantify and predict biodiversity and species distributions across space and time. I take advantage of recent advances in computing, data availability, digital sensors, numerical databasing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and statistical modelling to (1) better understand the broad-scale distribution of life on Earth, and (2) address how biodiversity changes under past, present and future global change. I am also interested in the interoperability of biodiversity research infrastructures and other aspects of data science, specifically data integration workflows, data harmonization and standardisation, and how data from digital sensors can be used and combined to measure and monitor biodiversity change. Please see my research pages, my publication list, or the BIOMAC lab homepage for more details.




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