The Biogeography & Macroecology lab

I am head of the Biogeography & Macroecology (BIOMAC) lab at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and scientific coordinator of the Virtual Laboratory Innovation Center (LW-VLIC) of LifeWatch-ERIC. My research group comprises permanent scientific staff, postdocs, scientific developers, PhD students and various MSc students. We are based at Sciencepark close to the city center of Amsterdam.

PhD students and Postdocs

I am (co-)supervising and mentoring a number of PhD students and Postdocs. This includes to conceive and develop ideas, to design research projects, to collect and analyse data, to interprete and discuss results, to design figures, and to contribute actively to manuscript writing. Below is a list of current PhD students and Postdocs. For details and personal webpages of them please have a look at the BIOMAC webpage. For former PhD students and Postdocs, please download my CV on my CV page.


  • James Allan (Postdoc at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

PhD students

  • Zsófia Koma (PhD student at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  • Larissa Nowak (external PhD student at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Germany)

  • Samantha Jamison (external PhD student at the University of Pretoria, South Africa)

BSc and MSc students

I am (co-)supervising a number of MSc and BSc students. For current MSc students, please have a look at the BIOMAC lab page. New BSc student projects always start in April each year (3 month period). A list with examples of recent BSc and MSc projects can be found on my teaching page. The full list of former students can be found in my CV that can be downloaded on the CV page.