Research focus

My research is focused on macroecology, biogeography and global biodiversity change (past, present, and future). I am fascinated by the tremendous diversity of species and life forms on Earth, and my work seeks to explain and understand the determinants and drivers of species distributions and biodiversity patterns at broad spatial scales. In most of my work, I use an ecoinformatics approach, taking advantage of recent developments in technology, computing, statistics, data availability, and ecological modelling. I am particularly interested in the way how environmental factors, species interactions, functional traits, human impacts, and evolutionary history influence species distributions and the structure and assembly of biological communities. This basic ecological research is often linked to applied issues such as global change and biodiversity conservation, and thus of fundamental importance for developing solutions to cross-scale environmental problems in global change biology and conservation management.

Research themes

My ongoing research at the University of Amsterdam centers on the following research themes:

Research projects

My research projects are currently supported by the following grants:

Recently finished projects:

  • GLOBIS-B: a coordination & support action (the GLOBIS-B project: "GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research") within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme of the European Union (PI & scientific coordinator)